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1973 Topps Don Money

Horrid Airbrushing!


Without a doubt, one of the worst airbrushing Topps ever did. Please note Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium (RIP) in the background, long before interleague play. But that's okay. Older Topps airbrushing has character to it that us old guys love!

Poor Don Money, traded to make room for some scrub named Schmidt. And worse, this Schmidt guy couldn't even hit .200 the year he replaced Money. Wonder what happened to Schmidt. Money meanwhile played for more than 10 years in Milwaukee before going to Japan briefly.

I met Don Money at a baseball card show around 1986 or so. He was there with his daughter (who was kind of hot) and we talked for a while (me and Don, not me and his daughter) since nobody else was there for his autograph. A really nice guy and a blast to talk to since I was a diehard Brewer fan. What a guy!

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