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Rest In Peace Rob Belloir

I'm not going to say I remember Rob Belloir very well, as I actually thought his last name was spelled Bellior. That being said, I remember his 1977 Topps baseball card very well. It was a time in my life where I would live for my baseball cards, and it was glorious!

Belloir passed away recently and I immedliately thought of his 1977 baseball card. I didn't know his statistics, he had 167 at bats over four years with the Braves. Nor did I know that he was originally drafted by the Indians, only to the player to be named later for Roric Harrison (Blue Moon Odom went with him to the Braves.) It's what makes these posts interesting is finding out theses things after the fact.

But each time one of these players who I remember from my youth passes away, it takes just a tiny piece of me with him. Sometimes, like in the case of Belloir, just a brief memory. Other times, it's a player I remember very well. Either way, it stinks!

Rest in Peace, Rob Belloir, please note, I spelled your name right!


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