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Rest In Peace Alex Cole

Speedster and hot rookie from 1990, Alex Cole passed away this week. He was way too young which makes this post harder to write than usual.

Cole was a solid hitter with a career batting average of .280 in just over 2,000 at bats. He also stole 148 bases which is a pretty solid total. But his career was short as his last major league season was 1996, his age 30 season.

But this is what I remember about Alex Cole. This is why he is a true "Sportscard Memory." In 1990, I spent months going from Toys R Us to KayBee Toys to Kiddie City looking for baseball card rack packs with stars and rookies showing. Alex Cole was one of the those rookies that I was chasing.

I did find a few packs with Cole on top so I would say that was successful. He along with Todd Zeile, Bernie Williams and so many more players were so much fun to look for. I had a buddy who worked at a local supermarket and he got me in there to look at the entire 72 pack case of 1990 Donruss rack packs which is a great memory!

But now, those are just memories as we lose another player from our youth. Rest In Peace, Alex Cole, you will be missed!


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