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Rest In Peace Ron Hodges

Former New York Mets backup catcher Ron Hodges passed away recently. At a too young 74 years old, Hodges is another player from my youth leaving us too soon.

I don't remember much about Hodges as a player, but I remember him being something we just don't see anymore...a backup catcher spending more than a decade with the same team. We saw the same thing with Bob Montgomery of the Red Sox back in the day. These days, backup catchers come and go and end up playing for three, four or five different teams if they last that long in the major leagues.

Hodges was drafted by four different teams, finally signing with the fourth team, the Mets, after declining offers from the Orioles, Royals and Braves. He amassed 200 or more at bats only twice in his 12 years in the major leagues.

He played for some bad, late 1970s Mets' teams and for that, we can all feel sorry for him. But we congratulate him for playing in the major leagues for 12 years and it's incredible to have spent that many years as a backup on the same team.

Rest In Peace, Ron Hodges, we remember you!


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