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Rest In Peace Dick Drago

Thirteen year major league hurler Dick Drago passed away recently at the age of 78. He is a player I remember well as I remember his 1980 Topps baseball card extremely well. That was the year my godfather gave me a full 72 pack case of 1980 Topps baseball rack packs. Probably the best gift of all time!

Although Drago pitched mainly in the 1970s, I really do remember him well. Not necessarily watching him live, but remembering him from all of his baseball cards. He had a solid career with 108 wins (he did lose 117 but that's okay.)

The one thing I didn't remember was Drago's last stop, which was a year in the Mariners' bullpen in 1981. I didn't realize he was traded for former Reds hurler, Manny Sarmiento, who never pitched for the Red Sox. His 5.53 ERA is likely why it was his last stop, but that's okay. A very sold 13 year career is something he should have been very proud of!

In his career, Drago was traded for such 1970s names as Marty Pattin, Dyar Miller and Sarmiento. Not to mention three young players I had never heard of, Dick Sharon, Dave Machemer & John Balaz.

Rest In Peace, Dick Drago. You will be missed!

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