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Rest In Peace Jesus Alou

Remembering the 1980 Topps Jesus Alou card

One of the famous Alou Brothers passed away this week. Jesus was the last active Alou Brother having played sparingly for the 1979 Houston Astros. He was mainly a pinch hitter as his career wound down for the then 37 year old outfielder.

His brother Matty passed a few years back which now leaves Felipe, the father of former major leaguer Moises Alou, the last living member of the Alou Brothers.

Jesus played for parts of 15 years in the major leagues, more often a reserve player than a starter. He eclipsed 400 at bats only six times in 15 seasons. His total WAR was only 0.8 which surprised me considering how long he played. A career batting average of .280 is something to be proud of so one would think his WAR would have been higher.

I have minimal memories of Jesus but I remember his 1980 Topps card clearly. Looking at the card today, he doesn't look very old. But my memory of him is he was extremely old looking. It's funny how the eyes of an 11 year old see!

Although far from a superstar, Jesus Alou played a long time and did something amazing when he played the outfield with his two brothers in the same game. The famous "All Alou" outfield was probably something to behold.

Let's all take a moment to remember another former major leaguer who passed away. It gets tougher with each passing, but at least we have our sportscard memories!


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