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Rest In Peace Dave Frost

Remembering the 1980 Topps Dave Frost card

I really thought Dave Frost had a longer career than he did and was surprised to see that he only pitched parts of six years in the big leagues. Looking at his numbers of his career, 33-37 with a 4.10 ERA look pretty decent. But after three solid seasons from 1977-1979, things kind of went badly his final three years.

The reason we're talking about Dave Frost is he passed away recently. Another player gone from my youth. His 1980 Topps card is the one I remember most. Such a simple design but such a great looking card. One for the ages, no doubt!

As we see the passing of our well known heroes and those not so well known, it always helps to remember the good old days. And wonder things like, "did Dave Frost wear shorts while he was with the White Sox" and "did he know Gene Autry personally?" Imagine playing for "The Singing Cowboy!" One website ranked Frost as the 94th greatest Angel of all time. Was he really?

Rest in peace Dave Frost knowing that we remember you as a Sportscard Memory!


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