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1990 Fleer Jerry Reuss

You can fight me all you want but 1990 is considered vintage. Yes, it means you and I are old, it's that simple!

1990 Fleer is one of the most bland and boring designs ever. It is not nearly as ugly as 1991 Fleer or 1988 Donruss, but it's boring. That being said, there are some cool cards in the set.

One of those cards features 22 year major league hurler Jerry Reuss at the tail end of his lengthy career. In 1989, the 40 year-old was having a solid season with the White Sox when he was traded to the Brewers who were looking for an arm for the pennant race. Unfortunately, Reuss had little success going 1-4 in his brief stint with the Brewers.

With a little research, I learned a few things about Jerry Reuss that I didn't know. First of all, he was a rare four decade player. Very few major leaguers play in four different decades. With his first appearance being in 1969 and his last in 1990, he was one of them.

Second, I didn't realize Reuss did someting that I love to see. He had a final farewell with a team that he spent some time on. In July of 1990, he signed with the Pirates and made four appearances. I was in college then and missed out on a lot of little things like that.

The team I most remember Jerry Reuss with is the Dodgers. He had a monster year with the 1981 World Series champion team. With 86 wins and a 3.11 ERA, he had a pretty darn good go around during his nine seasons in L.A.

The brutal 1990 Fleer baseball set is easily one of the most forgettable sets out there, but I always enjoy it when a player is featured in a rarely seen uniform. This is definitely the case with Jerry Reuss!

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