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1978 Topps Jimmy Wynn (Custom Card)

The Toy Cannon

For Jim Wynn, I have broken my own rule and used a custom card from the Internet as there are no cards of The Toy Cannon as a Milwaukee Brewer. He played very briefly with the Brewers before retiring so he didn't make much of an impact. I honestly never knew he played there when he was active.

But I always loved him as a player. Starting with his nickname, "The Toy Cannon." What a great nickname. Plus his baseball cards were always cool. If I hadn't used this card, I would have used his 1975 Topps Card when he played for the Dodgers.

I certainly wish I had seen him in a Brewers' uniform just one time. I can't even find a real photo. The only thing available is part of a Brewers 25th Anniversary Set and it's not very good.

He passed away recently as we continue to lose more and more players from our youth. But we never lose the memories. Most of my memories come more from baseball cards then the game itself. And that's okay. It's why I have Baseball Card Memories!

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