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1981 Fleer Sheldon Burnside

I wouldn't know Sheldon Burnside if he ran me over with a lawn mower. There isn't a single thing about his major league baseball career that I know aside from him being a pitcher and playing for the Reds. So why is he a Baseball Card Memory?

It's simple. In 1981, Topps had competition for the first time in my lifetime. Fleer and Donruss were now competing brands of baseball cards, but I didn't know this at first. There was no internet and I was a pre-teen. Where would I find this out?

What was so amazing about Fleer and Donruss were the players they included that Topps did not. It was really cool for my 12 year-old self to see even more players on cards. One of these players was Sheldon Burnside. He was not featured in 1981 Topps but he did get his own card. There were many others that didn't make the cut for Topps but found their way into Fleer or Donruss, but for some reason, Sheldon Burnside stands out.


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