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1975 Topps Lerrin LaGrow

It's Outta Here!


In the late 1970s, we had a video game system called Odyssey 2. It was like Atari but the games were kind of lame.

The baseball game was pretty cool though. We played it a lot. Anyway, there were no lineups or player names, just funny shapes swinging something that somewhat resembled a bat. So we would sometimes pretend a certain player was batting or pitching.

I realize how ridiculous this sounds, but everytime we said, "Lerrin LaGrow is on the mound," the batter hit a homerun. Every time. And that is what I will always remember about him.

Now I realize I was quite young and my memory is questionable at that age, but yes, EVERY TIME we said it, a bomb least that is what I remember!

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