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1975 Topps Eddie Watt


Oh Eddie Watt, we hardly knew ya.'

I loved this card at age 6, even though I wouldn't know Eddie Watt from Eddie Rabbitt, who honestly I knew nothing of except his inclusion on a K-Tel record from the commercials. And I also knew that he loved a rainy night.

But anyway, I never saw Eddie Watt pitch. Well, I might have, but I don't remember. 1974 was a long time ago and I was only 5. But I remember this card.

I didn't know that Watt finished his career playing briefly for the Cubs in 1975 after being released by the Phillies. He was released after having an ERA of 3.99. Can you imagine that happening today?

But I will always remember this really cool baseball card from a really cool baseball card set, even if I don't remember the man who is on the card. Mr. Watt is 70 years old at the time of this posting. Wow, we're all old these days, aren't we?

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