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1976 Topps Buddy Bradford

The Ugliest Man In Baseball?


I am 45 years old and my brother is older (much older). To this day, he still mentions the name of "the ugliest player of the 70s" (aside from Andy Etchebarren of course), Buddy Bradford.

I can't remember the exact reason for it, but we hated this poor guy. Looking back, he's no worse looking than a boatload of ballplayers. Just look at the 1975 Topps card of Larry Milbourne or any Bake McBride card. Yet at family gatherings, you can count on my brother making some reference to Buddy Bradford.

Maybe we need to grow up a bit, or maybe we just have a memory burnt into our heads from so long ago. Let's be real, when you're young, you like and hate players for the dumbest reasons. Just read more of these and you'll see what I mean!

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