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1980 Topps George Scott

Always A Boomer Fan!! Rest In Peace!


It is a sin to see George "Boomer" Scott at the end of his career wearing a Yankees uniform.

He wasn't that old, he just stopped hitting. I was a huge Boomer fan when he played for the Brewers. Needless to say, i wasn't happy when he was traded to the Red Sox for some guy I never heard of, Cecil Cooper. It got worse. They threw in Bernie Carbo too, and I loved his baseball card.

Little did I know Cooper would have nearly 10 years with the Brewers while Boomer would flame out quickly with the Red Sox.

But why did he lose it so suddenly? I bet the Red Sox wish they hadn't made that deal. Oh well Boomer, you were a stud for a short period of time!

Boomer passed recently. Very sorry to hear that.

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