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1983 Topps Bo Diaz

Way back when in 1983, I would put the Topps baseball set together each year. I was young and on a budget, so it wasn't always easy.

In 1983, I was doing a pretty good job until it came to the Bo Diaz card. The Phillies' catcher eluded me pack after pack. Who knows why there are certain cards you just can't get?

I finally did get this card at a local carnival, but it amazed me how difficult it was.

Bo was a really good player who made a tragic mistake. In his home in Venezuela, he tried to install a satellite dish himself. Things did not go well and we lost Bo. Recently retired, though allegedly trying to make a comeback in 1991, Bo passed on November 23, 1990.

Bo Diaz had a sold 13 year career mainly for the Indians, Phillies and Reds with a cup of coffee with the Red Sox when he first came up.

He is missed!

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