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Rest In Peace Tim McCarver

Remember a true legend & his 1977 Topps Baseball Card

A true legend of the game passed away. Former Phillies & Cardinals (among other teams) catcher & long time Major League Baseball announcer Tim McCarver passed, leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Whether you remember him as a four decade major leaguer, Steve Carlton's personal catcher, World Series broadcaster or even getting a bucket of water dumped on him by Deion Sanders, you probably remember McCarver.

His first taste of the big leagues was at the ripe old age of 17 as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. It would take him a few years, but in 1963, at age 21, McCarver was the number one catcher for the Redbirds and would be through the 1969 season. He would be replaced by Joe Torre then Ted Simmons so it made sense when he found himself traded to the Phillies. It would be his first stop in Philadelphia.

McCarver would bounce around a bit including another stint in St Louis before returning to the Phillies where he would finish his career as Steve Carlton's personal catcher. He would pretty much retire after the 1979 season but come back in September of 1980 so he could be a rare four decade player.

Upon retirement, McCarver became a broacaster with the Phillies, Mets and Yankees and then with Fox as part of their "A Team." He was a true baseball lifer!

Pictured above is my favorite Tim McCarver baseball card, his 1977 Topps card. An action shot of the Phillies 3rd string catcher. His 1981 "farewell" Fleer card is also a favorite.

At 81 years old, he led quite a life and left nothing on the table. I believe Cooperstown should come calling considering the career he had. He wasn't a Hall of Fame player, although he was very good, but he was an all around baseball Hall of Famer.

Rest in Peace Tim McCarver, you will be missed!


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