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1975 Topps Charlie Sands

Although I remember getting a few packs of 1974 baseball cards, 1975 is the first year that I truly remember collecting baseball cards. There are many cards from this set that I remember well, but one that stands out is a little known catcher named Charlie Sands.

My mother and I went shopping at the Echelon Mall. I was not yet 6 years old. To this day, I don't know why I remember this so well. But I do, like it happened yesterday. I remember being on the second level of the mall in a clothing shop next to Strawbridge & Clothier and I was carrying a 1975 Topps baseball rack pack...with Charlie Sands on top.

I have no other memories of that day. I don't know when I opened the pack or who else was in it. Maybe a Robin Yount rookie? Perhaps George Brett? Or maybe may favorite baseball card of all time, the 1975 Topps Jim Slaton.

Charlie Sands only had 145 official at bats in the major leagues in parts of 6 seasons. Quite forgettable to the average fan. But looking back not quite 50 years, he is one of the most memorable players of all time!


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