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1988 Donruss Baseball's Best Tom Browning

The year was 1990 and it was my senior year of college. I had moved to an off campus apartment with three other guys. I only knew one of them before moving in. One of the guys, we'll call him Todd, told me the A's were going to sweep the Reds. So we made a bet. I think the bet was $2 if I remember correctly, but if the Reds swept the A's, I would get $8. We were wild back then!

One of the key members of that 1990 Reds team that swept the A's was Mr. Perfect, Tom Browning. He pitched one game and won it in the World Series. I would win $8 from Todd, thanks to Browning and company. Back in 1990, that was big bucks. I could almost take a date out to eat for that. I know it's hard to believe!

Tom Browning passed away today. Another player who I remember clearly is gone. And he wasn't an old guy. Not even close. Less than 10 years older than me. It's getting tougher and tougher losing players that I watched pass away. It seems like it happens daily, although thankfully it does not.

Rest In Peace Tom Browning, you were one helluva pitcher and I appreciate the eight bucks!


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