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1992 Score Calvin Jones

We lost another one this week, and this one at a really young age. Former Seattle Mariners 1st round pick, Calvin Jones passed away. And here is my memory of Calvin:

In 1988, my buddy and I attended a Reading Phillies game against the Vermont Mariners. I had just read Jay Johnstone's book about how he used to trade autographed balls for hot dogs and sodas. Ken Griffey Jr was with the Mariners at the time.

He and another player were standing close to us so I called to him and he came over. I offered him a hot dog and soda for an autographed ball. He says, "I need to talk to my agent" and chatted with the player next to him. He came back with "make it 2 sodas." My buddy and I ran to get the 2 sodas and made the trade.

The point to this story? The other player was Calvin Jones who passed away recently.

Rest In Peace, Calvin, I have a great memory of you!


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