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Rest In Peace Sal Bando

1977 Topps Sal Bando

This one hurt more than usual. We just lost former A's & Brewers legend Sal Bando. His passing is even tougher as he was the first big free agent the Brewers signed and I remember it well. He only had one really good season in Milwaukee, but he was brought credibility to the franchise.

Bando replaced Don Money at 3rd base for the Brewers. Money would move to 2nd base where he would be an All Star in 1978. Bando would be the Brewers GM in 1991 and would finish the decade in that position. It wasn't the best time in Brewers' history, but it was still great having him around. Aside from being the GM during the loss of Paul Molitor that is...

I remember his 1977 Topps card. It was his first appearance on a card in a Brewers' uniform. Of course it's an awful airbrush which only makes it better. There is nothing better than awful airbrushing from Topps in the 1970s! Cards today just don't have the same personality! I think they should bring the airbrushing back in 2023. Photoshop does not bring the same feeling to the cards.

Rest In Peace Salvatore, you will be missed!


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